Ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and take place at Ealing, Old Oak, Harlesden, Harvington School and St Benedict’s Junior School.

From the age of two and a half years the children start learning the basics of ballet. They not only learn the technique but also listening skills, music and general listening i.e. listening to the teacher or other children in the class when asked to and social skills i.e. dancing with a partner, taking it in turns to dance.

From the age of four they start to learn the syllabus but still with an emphasis on enjoyment and all of the skills learned in the younger class.
At the age of five pupils usually take our Margaret Dance Academy Pre-Primary test which is based on the R.A.D syllabus but is taken within their class environment.

The same applies to the Primary class in which pupils can be any age between 5 and 9 years.
From Grade One upwards, we like the children to take the official R.A.D exams which are held in our Ealing branch. From Grade One Upwards they require a character skirt and character shoes.

From Grade One upwards character dance is introduced and is part of the exams they take. For this, the children need a character skirt and character shoes.

Provided the child's ankles are strong enough, we try to introduce pointe work from Grade 4, for which the pointe shoes are necessary.
All ballet grades can be taken up to and including, Grade 8.

Please see the location pages for details on times, costs and enrolment.