Pitshanger Methodist Church Hall
Pitshanger Lane, Ealing , London W5 1QP

From two and a half years upwards.

Cost per class:
Babies ballet     £5.75
Pre-primary ballet     £5.75

Primary ballet     £6.25
Grade 1 ballet     £7.00
Grade 2 ballet     £7.00
Grade 3 ballet     £7.25
Grade 4 ballet     £7.25
Grade 5 ballet     £7,50
Grade 6 ballet     £7.50
Grade 7 ballet     £8.25
Grade 8 ballet     £8.25

From four years upwards
Cost: £6.25 per class

Grade 4, 5 and Intermediate
Cost: £6.50 per class

Enrolment information
Please contact Margaret if you have an interest in lessons.
The classes in Ealing are paid by term (usually 11 or 12 weeks and very occasionally 13 weeks, depending on the length of term).
We allow a free trial for 1 week  and then will issue an invoice for however many weeks are remaining in the term if you would like to continue with lessons.
An enrolment form will be filled out at the first lesson.
A 10% discount is given to families with two or more children attending.



  Hall Room 1 Room 2
4:00pm  Grade 1 Ballet    Beginners Tap age 4 to 6 yrs

with Miss Nika (30 mins)

4:30pm Ballet Grade 2
(with Miss Margaret 45 mins)

 Grade 2 Tap

(With Miss Nika 30 mins)

5:15pm Ballet Grade 2 (with Miss Margaret 45 mins)


Tap Grade 2
(with Miss Nika, 30 mins)
6:00pm   Ballet Grade 6
(with Miss Margaret, 1 hr)

Tap Grade 4
(with Miss Nika 30 mins)

7:00pm   Ballet Grade 7
(with Miss Margaret, 45 mins)
 4:00pm  Tots  Ballet  2.5 upwards    


5:15pm  Private lesson
(with Miss Margaret, 30 mins)
 6:00pm  Grade 5 Ballet

(with Miss Margaret 1 hour)

 7:00pm  Private lessons by arrangement    


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Private Lessons by arrangement  



5:00pm Ballet Grade 6
(with Miss Margaret
 6:00pm Ballet Grade 8

(with Miss Nika)


Term dates..New Term  Monday 8th Jan 

Watching week is the last week of term. All parents can watch their child's class.