Lauren loves her ballet teacher, Miss Jennifer, who is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way! She manages to pay each child individual attention, but doesn't push if they don't feel like joining in that day...Saturdays at Margaret's is a real community, with herself at the heart. The work she does in keeping her prices low, while maintaining the highest teaching standards, is truly remarkable. An amazing local resource!

Sarah, mother of Lauren age 4 1/2

My daughters Hannah and Edith have both taken part in the ballet lessons offered. My eldest, who is now 8 has now moved on to gymnastics and shows all the signs of poise and grace inherited from her time doing ballet, while my youngest is aspiring to greatness like her sister. My husband and I are certain this has helped them to develop physically. They have both enjoyed the kind guidance and love shown by all teachers involved and show great joy every Saturday getting dressed like every little ballet princess should. My eldest daughter now does hip hop dancing, making every Saturday a true family event we all look forward to.

Sue, mother of Hannah and Edith

Miss Margaret has created a real community around her dance school where both pupils and parents feel relaxed and enjoy the time at classes. She makes the classes affordable and spends many hours applying for grants so that whenever possible, the classes are free, opening the experience of dance to as many children as possible.

My eldest daughter couldn't wait to dance, starting ballet lessons at two and a half and it is thanks to Miss Margaret's enthusiasm and experience with young children that she enjoyed it so much at that young age and that she continues to take lessons now.

Lily now also does tap with Miss Kayleigh who makes the classes great fun and Lily is full of enthusiasm when she goes to lessons. Her younger sister has just started lessons with Miss Jennifer, who is gently encouraging and Sylvie loves it just as much as Lily does.

Kate, mother of Lily and Sylvie, ages 5 and 2 1/2.